Hunter-Courchene’s facilitators are culturally competent practitioners. Our facilitation team creates a respectful environment empowering individuals and resulting in meaningful dialogue and understanding. Our resources have extensive experience completing facilitation processes with Indigenous communities, organizations and government. Our goal is to engage and support all stakeholders in the facilitation process. Success is a final product reflecting an open inclusive process.

Hunter-Courchene Group is currently a pre-qualified supplier of Facilitation Services to the Government of Canada through the ProServices supply arrangement.


As Hunter-Courchene’s lead facilitator, Mathieu Courchene has an exceptional record of facilitating dialogue between governments, First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples. He designs processes that allow groups to communicate openly and achieve goals and objectives. Mathieu has also designed engagement processes for both evaluations and research projects. Through his experience working with and for the federal government, national Aboriginal organizations, and the private sector, Mathieu has a broad and deep understanding of the issues facing Aboriginal people across Canada.